Today's 24 Carat Gold Coin Prices in India

(These are rates offered for purchase of gold coins / bars. Sorted by 5 grams price)

Institution 2g 4g 5g 8g 10g 20g 50g 100g Validity / Information
Bank Of India NA 11,97314,85423,48229,22958,082144,997 NA As of 22/8/2017

(exclusive of Sales Tax/VAT)
ICICI Bank NA NA 14,95923,70929,56858,804146,382292,32223 August 2017

Excl. Taxes*
State Bank Of India6,31712,45915,53024,86231,03461,815153,860 NA 18-Apr-2017

Excluding VAT Any other local taxes as applicable
Caratlane (,82213,39516,68226,54233,116 NA NA NA Price retrieved on 23-08-2017

Shipping price for 24KT Plain Gold Coin
MMTC ( NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA Data last retrieved on 23-08-2017

Excluding VAT and other taxes.

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