NRI Deposits, NRO rates, FCNR rates, NRE rates

NRI Fixed Deposits

Get the best NRI fixed deposit (NRO, FCNR, NRE) rates. Compare NRO and NRE fixed deposit rates in various banks or get the banks offering FCNR rates. Same FCNR rates are offered by all the banks in India.

Max NRO FD Rates

3 monthsYES Bank7.00
6 monthsJammu & Kashmir Bank
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Repco Bank
1 yearLakshmi Vilas Bank7.30
2 yearsDeutsche Bank
3 yearsLakshmi Vilas Bank
Development Credit Bank
4 yearsBank of Bahrain and Kuwait8.00
5 yearsBank of Bahrain and Kuwait8.00
>5 yearsDeutsche Bank8.25

Max NRE FD Rates

1 year - 2 yearsThane Janata Sahakari Bank9.25
2 years - 3 yearsThane Janata Sahakari Bank9.00
3 years - 4 yearsThane Janata Sahakari Bank8.75
4 years - 5 yearsThane Janata Sahakari Bank8.75
>5 yearsThane Janata Sahakari Bank8.75

Max FCNR Rates

1 year to less than 2 years3.530.011.442.401.970.02
2 year to less than 3 years3.480.011.652.532.050.05
3 year to less than 4 years3.510.011.782.612.140.05
4 year to less than 5 years3.520.101.872.652.400.05
5 years3.550.151.942.682.500.05